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See how your casting will solidify before you make
expensive molds or patterns, dies and costly mistakes.

Casting Simulation: A new technology that allows you to design your casting process on the computer

Do you know that nearly 90% of the defects in components are due to mistakes in design? And the costs to change the design increase ten-fold in every step of the design and manufacturing process.

Foundries relying on the traditional trial-and-error methods of the past to design casting processes are finding it more and more difficult to compete. Customers will no longer accept high levels of scrap or long lead times. Casting simulation has become an industry standard. No foundry that produces high quality castings can consider casting simulation as unnecessary. Today, everyone requires quick responses to customer needs. Also, accurate and "right" costs need to be defined to each work.

What is Casting Simulation? And why should I use Casting Simulation?

Casting simulation has become an industry standard. Casting simulation is a new technology that allows you to design your casting process on the computer. With casting simulation software you can import 3D models and have the system tell you how many risers are required, where they should be placed, what size they should be, and what size and shape to use for sprues, runners and gates.

With casting simulation tools you can simulate and visualize, on the computer screen, the entire process of casting the part, including pouring, solidification and shrinkage formation. Using this information, you can fine-tune your design to produce the best casting possible, at the lowest cost. You can even have the system automatically redesign the process, using optimization techniques to search for the design which gives you the optimum in quality and yield.

With the help of casting simulation all of this can be done in a fraction of the time that it takes to build equipment and make sample castings.

Making high-quality cast parts is the key to success and you must find ways to improve quality reduce lead times and cut costs in order to be competitive. In today's competitive manufacturing environment, Casting Simulation can prove to be a decisive factor of success. The major benefits of using a casting simulation are:

  • Improved product quality at lower cost
  • Reduced lead time, increased production
  • Higher success rate, fewer process changes, and less scrap.
  • Casting simulation can help in calculating the real costs of the job, and it can be used as a tool in the negotiations.

Eliminate the guess work!

See how your casting will solidify before you make expensive molds or patterns, dies and costly mistakes.

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SOLIDCast: Benefits

SOLIDCast offers a number of benefits to the casting industry, few benefits among many other are mentioned bellow:

  • Thermal changes caused by heat transfer in the solidification process of casting can be modeled using SOLIDCast Casting Simulation software.
  • With the help of SOLIDCast, the user can visualize the solidification process of a particular cast on their computer screen.
  • Possible problem areas and defects that might occur during the casting process can be seen as visual outputs with the help of SOLIDCast Casting Simulation software.
  • One can shorten the trial casting stage and minimize the lead time if he is using SOLIDCast Casting Simulation software.

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